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Grounded - Women in Food

The Farmers Are My Inspiration, The Story of Squash Blossom's Founder

“The produce is so good, there's no denying its vitality, beauty, flavor. I show up with it at restaurant kitchen doors, and the line cooks are delighted to see me. This is the real stuff that was in the ground only hours prior, unlike most of the other ingredients they receive. They know exactly where it comes from, usually from land they have a direct connection to, which gives them a sense of pride and joy in receiving it. I am passionate about preserving traditional farming practices, protecting the land, bringing healthy food to my community, and strengthening our local economy — plus, it just feels good to be around so much life! The colors, smells, and vibration of this food are as good as it gets, and I get to hang out with it all day, every day!" 

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November 2017 / UNUM Magazine

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