Orders must be placed by Sundays at 3PM for the Upcoming Week's Pick-up or Delivery.


Can I Skip an Order or Pause for Travel?

You can always skip a week, or pause your subscription for travel! Just shoot us an email at: info@squashblossomlocalfood.com with the dates you ne...

What is in a Blossom Bag?

The selection in our Blossom Bags changes weekly, based on seasonal availability from our farms. We post what will be in the next week's bag every ...

How much does a Blossom Bag cost?

Our signature Blossom Bags of seasonal local produce are $34 for a one-time purchase, or $30.60 (10% less) on a subscription.

Where do I pick-up my bag?

At check-out, you can select one of our pick-up locations, or opt for home delivery. We offer pick-up at 9 locations in and around Santa Fe, weekly...

Can I return my canvas bags to avoid the bag fee?

Yes! Please return your bag each time you pick-up your new one, at your selected pick-up location.

What if I forget to pick-up my bag?

We send you a notification on the morning of your pick-up day to remind you to grab your Blossom Bag from your selected location. We can not guaran...

Are all the farms certified organic?

We do not require organic certification from the farms we work with, though some do have it, as it can be cost prohibitive to get certified for man...

How does home delivery work?

We offer home delivery within Santa Fe's city limits. We require the one-time purchase of our Home Delivery Cooler for all home deliveries. We char...

What if the Blossom Bags are “sold out”?

If our Blossom Bags say "Sold Out", we are only sold out for this week's orders! We update the availability every Friday morning, so please check b...

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