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The Future of Food

Local pioneers create new ways of providing solutions to the current challenges facing the agriculture ecosystem

Squash Blossom began as a wholesale distributor of local products from farms to restaurants—approximately 30 local farms and nearly two dozen restaurants. Yozell-Epstein has a long-term relationship with the Santa Fe Farmers Market—she previously served on its board and is now a vendor with her partner Mathew Ladegaard for Ground Stone Farm. Squash Blossom has since expanded to individual retail sales called Blossom Bags for residents who want to buy local food for weekly pickup. Customers can choose their selections online and then pick them up weekly from distribution points (Squash Blossom also offers workplace subscriptions). Choices include seasonal produce as well as value-added products created by local farmers such as jams, pickles and kimchi. Shoppers also can buy locally roasted coffee and eggs.

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October, 2018 / By Julia Goldman, Santa Fe Reporter


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