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Workplace Subscriptions

Bring more life to your workplace with
weekly deliveries of Blossom Bags for your staff

Having farm fresh food in the workplace, connects your staff with their land and community, and increases health and high spirits! Vibrant, colorful, just-harvested produce is full of the important vitamins and minerals that keep our brains and bodies going. In New Mexico, we take pride in our land and our history. Supporting our local farmers is a way of celebrating and preserving our rich heritage.

  • Employees can fully customize their subscriptions, whether they want just veggies harvested per order from over 25 local farms, a dozen fresh chicken eggs, or a bag of locally roasted coffee each week, it's up to them
  • With automatic billing, the items they are subscribed to are ordered and harvested within 36 hours of delivery
  • If your office has a minimum of 5 employees committed, we'll deliver fresh local food every Wednesday
  • It's easy to update subscriptions to change quantities, add additional products, pause or cancel


    Businesses can contribute a percentage of employee's Blossom Bag subscription as an incentive to eat well, to boost moral, and to add to the company's portfolio of staff benefits

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